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Proven to be the fastest way to improve online sales today

The goal of each company is to achieve the planned targets on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Online sales is one way to do it.

Each unfulfilled target on a monthly basis distances your company from achieving the quarterly and at the end of the annual goal.
Every break in deadlines and targets takes your company away from some higher goals and plans where it should be in one, three or five years.

That is why it is extremely important to make the most of all available techniques and tools that are valid today and that give results. If you do not use all the potentials available to you, be sure that companies from your closest business environment will not waste time and will not hesitate to take and establish themselves as well as possible in the market when it comes to selling online.

In order not to miss the opportunity to achieve the best business results, we give you tips on how you can improve your marketing and sales performance on the Internet today.

1. online sales – Functional Web Shop

A clear, concise, modern and functional Web shop of your company is not an end in itself. A web shop is actually a tool to achieve a higher goal, which is online sales.

In order for the Web Shop to be functional and for it to give the expected sales results, o cn must meet several criteria.

The web shop must provide a great user experience to site visitors.

What it means? Every user who comes to your site must easily, quickly and easily access the information for which they visited your Web Shop.

So, it must be easy to navigate and intuitive, so that visitors can find the required information in just a few clicks. Due to poor user experience, more than 90% of consumers prefer to cooperate with your competitors.

The web shop must be adapted for mobile devices. The share of mobile users in relation to desktop computer users is constantly growing and currently 2/3 of site visits are made by mobile users.
Non-mobile sites do not provide the best user experience, which is why the three biggest consequences for companies are:

  • Consumers leave your site because they can’t find the information they are looking for and decide to work with your competitors
  • You lose customers which directly affects sales and set results
  • Google will not allow your site to be optimized because it is one of the policies of the Google Mobile First Index. This means that Google already gives preference to sites that are adapted for mobile users

The site must load quickly.

Up to 3 seconds to load the site is considered the average loading speed and Google considers it desirable. If your site is slow, your potential customers will leave the site because today internet users do not have the patience and understanding for it and no one wants to wait 5+ seconds for the site to load. Your online sales can suffer because of it.

Easy navigation and a great user experience means that your Web Shop has products that are sorted by category and within each category the possibility of further narrowing the search using filters.

If your Web shop does not have categories and filters, or in each category the products are listed on 15 pages, with this solution you will definitely lose customers every day.
Internet users want to find the products they visited your Web Shop as easily as possible.
For that reason, it is necessary to enable them to do so.

Each product must have its own page.

It must consist of photographs of products, features and benefits.
Photos can only be products, show the way of use or a photo “happy custumer” or how the satisfied user of your products looks.

In addition to the basic characteristics of the product, it is important to indicate the benefits, ie give a reason to potential customers why to buy your product.

Visitors to the site have certain objections when deciding on a purchase.

What is the product for? What does it contain? Way of use? Benefits? Where to buy?

If after presenting the product through photos and descriptions you offer site visitors that they can quickly get answers to these questions, you remove their objections to the purchase and leave them no reason to cancel the purchase because they received answers to all their questions.

Internet users today trust 12 times more product reviews than when a company writes about its own products. They want to see what the experiences of previous customers are like, and then it is much easier for them to decide to buy.

There are some other techniques and tools to increase sales. One of them is to offer another product that you can buy in addition to a specific product. That would be “One time offer”. So only then and only when buying do you offer them to get a certain product at a better price than usual. If they miss such an offer, next time they can buy that product only at the regular price.

Leave it to your customers to choose whether to pay for the product by cash on delivery or by bank card. It is always easier to decide to buy when there is a choice. It will be an easier option for some to pay for the goods when they pick them up, when they are convinced that the goods have been delivered to them, and others want to order and pay as soon as possible.

2. online sales and Google My Business

Online prodaja

A Google My Business account allows Internet users to search for your business to show the most important information about your business in the Google search engine on the right, such as:

  • Company name
  • Google Map
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Business hours

What will also appear on your company’s Google My Business account are Google reviews. It is extremely important for online sales to encourage your clients to leave comments and evaluate the cooperation with you. This will be of great benefit to anyone who decides to cooperate with you and it will be easier to decide to contact you, buy and cooperate with your company. Google reviews are directly and indirectly related to sales because you influence the decision to buy potential customers.

3. Google Advertising or SEO Optimization

Now that you have a functioning Web Shop, it is important to create its visibility on Google search engine.

The most common question is: “How can my site rank first on Google?”

There are two ways to get your site in the top positions on Google.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

By optimizing your site for Google search, you enable your site to be in the best positions on Google search through organic search.

SEO optimization is a sustainable solution. It includes Online and Offline optimization and work on the site itself in order to meet the criteria that Google determines as a priority and most important for the site to be in the best positions.
What no one who is serious about this business can promise you is the first place.

When you hear such a promise, you are free to end the meeting with such an agency because you will not make a mistake. Not only is this not a serious approach, but it is also an unfair relationship with the client. He will lose not only the money he will pay for the optimization of the site, but also the time to achieve the desired results, only for someone to gain a short-term benefit with a frivolous approach and easy promises.

The goal of SEO optimization is to reach the top half of the first page, which carries the largest number of visits, in the shortest possible time. This approach is not only professional but also responsible to the client.

In addition to the knowledge and experience of the agency that implements the SEO Masterplan, how long it will take to optimize keywords depends on the keyword demand and competitiveness for that keyword.

Also, Google is constantly changing the algorithm and priorities, which criteria it gives the greatest importance and advantage, and that is why it is important to work on optimizing the site continuously.

Online sales and Google Ads

Google advertising has several types of ads:

Google Search Ads – Google Search Advertising:

Google advertising gives you instant results. Your site can already be ranked in the top three in the Google search engine today. This allows your customers to find you online today. More site visits means more customers. More clients bring you more profit. This is a great way to improve your business today and is directly related to improving sales.

Google Display Ads – Banner advertising on sites

Your advertisement can be displayed in the form of a banner to Internet users who have shown interest in what your company can offer them. Also, you can choose to display banners only on certain sites or in the form of remarketing.

There are more than 20 dimensions of banners, depending on the size of the advertising space on the sites and whether it will be displayed on desktop computers or mobile devices.

YouTube Ads – Advertising on YouTube

While many find YouTube advertising irritating, we can agree that advertising is not useful if it is shown to Internet users who have not previously shown interest in what your company has to offer. However, if Internet users decide to buy during this period, an advertisement that will serve as a reminder that they previously wanted to buy your product or that will present your company or product benefits is actually useful. You can miss a lot if you do not work with your target group this way.

SEO optimization or Google advertising

The choice depends on the goals of your company. If you need instant results, to be able to find you immediately in the first three search results on Google search, and to immediately receive inquiries, calls and orders, then it is always Google advertising. However, if it is not important for your company to immediately find yourself in the best positions on Google search, but you want to work continuously and want a sustainable solution, then SEO optimization is the best choice for you. What’s also a great solution is to get started with Google advertising to get the results you want right away, while working on keyword positioning. As each word is positioned, you can slowly turn off the advertising for one keyword at a time. That way, your site stays in the best position even when you don’t pay for Google advertising.

4. Online sales and Social networks

Your company needs to work with both Instagram and Facebook users. You must not miss the opportunity to reach as many Internet users of your target group as possible.

However, Instagram and Facebook will not bring you sales equally. Especially not in the ideal share of 50% – 50%. This is often a trap that business owners and marketers can easily fall into. Through a series of marketing activities and analyzes, it must be determined where your target group is predominantly and where investing in advertising gives the best results. Therefore, budget planning must be in line with the assessment of which social network gives the best results.

Instagram is mostly for the target group under 35. It is a social network of beautiful, thematic profiles and photographs.

Your profile must be authentic. Internet users are always impressed and must gain trust in your brand at the first sight of your profile.

Facebook is a social network that suffers a lot more information

5. Remarketing campaigns

You’ve probably searched for the products you wanted to buy online before. Later, when you left the site, advertisements for these products followed you everywhere on the Internet. These are exactly the remarketing campaigns.
It is extremely important to work with qualified internet users, ie with those who have previously shown interest in your products. They need to see your ad at least 5 more times to decide on a purchase.

First of all, with the help of advertisements on social networks – Facebook and Instagram, we collect clients who show internet users who show interest in your products and their interests on the site are remembered.  Online sales will have a huge benefit of this. If you are not doing this so far, we are quite sure that you do not have the expected sales and you are completely justifiably dissatisfied with the current results, because they can be much better. Because at the moment, you only have statistics on the site of your company, how many people visited the site, or a certain page, but you did not remember either those Internet users or their interests.
Also, as visitors from social networks are remembered, all those who came to your site through Google ads are remembered and will be worked with in the future.
The goal is that in the period after their visit to your site, as soon as possible, you send them much closer advertising messages that would convince them that they need to work with your company and that your products are the best solution for their needs.

These are the tools that are proven to give the best results today. These are the tools that are proven to give the best results today.