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Video Production


Product ad? Corporate video? Event video? Yes. Yes. Yes.
Just make a wish.

Let’s get to know each other better

Check out some of our video production examples.
These videos were made for the most famous domestic and world brands.

How do we work?

We have prepared a director’s chair for you. Sit back and enjoy.
We can do the whole process of video production – from ideas, recording,
to post-production – video editing.


We want to hear your initial idea and your goal. How do you want to present yourself? Which message do you want to communicate via video ad? What is important for you to say? What is important for your customers to hear?
You don't have to worry about not having the right idea. If you had, your job would be video production. Is that right? All that we need from you is some basic guidance. We serve you a la carte - from idea to realization.



Our marketing team comes up with ideas on how to present your offer in an interesting and creative way and communicate a message that your followers will identify with. That's me! I want to be a part of it! This kind of reaction of clients and their customers is a confirmation that we are doing exactly what they expect us to do.



As we said. From idea to realization. We use professional video equipment, the best audio equipment, high quality lighting. Everything you will see and that will be important for the recording itself. However, your customers will only see the end product - a video for your campaign. That is why we put special focus on your story, emotions we want to provoke and how we want people to remember you.

We want to include your business in our portfolio of successful cooperation

Leading global brands


Small, medium, large businesses and ambitious brands


What does video production include?

Video production includes the entire process of making a video, from creating an idea and writing a script, then recording, editing and processing the video. As a result, you get a top video that you will proudly present to potential business partners and clients.


The idea how will your video look like after the whole process is our starting point. At the very beginning, we receive input from you about which elements are required to be shown on the video, and the marketing aspect of the video is designed by us or together with you.


Recording is done with professional equipment in Full HD resolution, with the use of video stabilization and lighting equipment if it is recorded indoors with low lighting.

Post production

After recording, the complete material is processed in professional video editing programs and the initial idea is being visualized. Post-production includes recorded material editing, visual effects editing and sound editing.


The instrumental in the background of the video is important because it leaves a dynamic impression on viewers and thus makes the video more exciting. We only work with licensed music that is allowed for commercial use.


We recommend hiring a professional model. You do not want the main actor of the video to “block” on filming day when the camera is turned on. The advice is that this extremely important segment should be left to people who deal with it professionally.

Voice over

Voice Over in the video is an indispensable part of modern advertising. It enhances the impression of communicating a message because the message is transmitted both audio and visually.


A very high number of internet users watch video content without the sound on. Therefore, it is important to cover this user group as well and give them the opportunity to receive a message via video. Videos with subtitles have far greater visibility on social networks.

Drone shooting

If you have the opportunity to present your business from a different perspective – from the air, do not miss it. Viewers mostly expect footage from the ground. The drone shot gives the video extra breadth, seriousness and professionalism to your business.

The main features of our professional videos

  • Unique company representation
  • Recording with professional equipment
  • Using video stabilization equipment
  • Full HD video recording
  • Preparing a video for TV commercials
  • Preparation of video for advertising on the Internet, LED billboards, etc.
  • Drone shooting
  • We offer you a solution from idea to realization